A Valentine’s Day Coloring Card

Happy Valentine’s Day! It is February and time for another one of my monthly coloring cards as featured in the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine. The theme of for my February coloring card is “love birds”. The design revolves around the word “love” drawn as ribbons with little love birds standing around it and plenty of hearts. I remembered as a kid, I was fascinated when I saw the traditional Chinese ribbon dance. I love to see the graceful movement of the ribbons in the hands of the dancers and that’s my inspiration for this card.

Color choices

Originally, I colored the ribbons with orange, the hearts a bit more purplish and the background a very contrasting green. However, the word “love” seems to be a little hard to see. I do love the dramatic color contrast though. In the end I decided to go with the safer choice of the blue ribbon. How about we take a vote! Which version do you like?  Blue ribbon or orange ribbon?  For me, I like both! I just want to show you there are more than one way and there’s no wrong way in art. I am eager to see what other color combinations you come up with!

February coloring card by Betty Hung with orange ribbon


Free Download

Visit the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine blog for the free download. I had a lot of fun coloring this little card (twice!) and hope you enjoy it too.

Happy Coloring!

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