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Welcome to Color Art

Welcome to Color Art. I am Betty Hung. My coloring journey started last year when I bought a coloring book and a pack of color pencils before I boarded a 14 hour flight. I haven’t stopped coloring since.


I have loved coloring as a child. Although I chose IT as my career, I kept art and design as my hobby and has taken drawing and watercolor courses.  I am drawn to adult coloring because there are a large variety of coloring books to choose from. There are so many talented illustrators that I admired. It takes the “what should I draw” dilemma from me and all I do is add color to the pages and made them uniquely mine. How about you? Why do you enjoy coloring?

What to expect

Along the way, I have learned a lot more about tools, techniques, tips, and tricks. Every day I find new ideas. Sometimes I create my own illustrations. Social media is a wonderful thing. I learned a lot from other colorists who shared their skills and their work. The creation of this blog site is my way of giving back to the community. I do not profess to be the know-it-all of coloring but I will gladly share what I have learned. An artist’s journey can be a lonely. Without a platform to showcase your work and discuss your ideas or problems with others, it is a lot less fun.  By sharing, we can inspire each other and grow together in this common hobby of ours. I also practice zentangle, brush lettering and calligraphy. My coloring art is not limited to coloring books. Someday I might venture into coloring rocks or anything else that can be colored. You might be surprised at what I try next!

You are invited!

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Visit my gallery


My gallery is always open, click the link below to see my color art!

To see my color work, click this image to go to my color gallery

Color versus Colour 

Lastly I apologize to those of you who use “colour” instead of “color”. I do respect everyone and their language preferences. However, I can only pick one form of the spelling. I choose to use “color” throughout this site for the simple reason that this is the way I spell it all the time.

Happy Coloring!!

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  1. Betty! I’m so excited about your blog and I know I will learn lots!

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