More fun with Chameleon Pens

I am super excited to get a copy of Chameleon Pens’ poster coloring book “Lori’s Art Garden” by Lori Gardner Woods. The quality of this book is excellent, the paper is card stock quality and printer on one side only. It also has a blank sheet between each poster to protect your work so absolutely no worries about bleed through. Another wonderful feature is that it is coil bound and each poster is perforated. The drawings are cute with flower theme. There are sample coloring of each page with the colour of the Chameleon pens that are used to color that page for reference if you need a little help in picking colors.

Picture of Lori's Art Garden coloring book with Chameleon pens

For my first piece out of this book, I picked the page with a big butterfly and a couple of giant flowers. This is the example shown in the book. It is beautiful.

Example of the Butterfly page in Lori's Art Garden coloring book

Abstract Background

There are many ways to approach the coloring of this beautiful drawing. I visualized a very colorful abstract piece using the brightest colors I can find. I picked up a pencil and drew random curvy lines all over. When I was happy with all the curves, I used the black “detailed pen” to draw in the lines permanently. You noticed that I had a few straight vertical lines on the left side to provide an anchor for all the curves. I want this composition to portray the sky, green meadow, earth. The vertical bar could be part of a fence where the flowers grew.

I picked all shades of blues and a bit of purple for the top half to represent sky, different shades of green in the middle for meadow/leaves and some browns at the bottom for earth as well as the vertical strips. I reserved the red, orange, pink colors for the flowers and the butterfly.

Work in progress - coloring of the abstract background

A unique way of using the Chameleon blending pen

Chameleon pens set comes with a blending pen. It is for blending and/or fixing mistakes by diluting the color of the area you rub the blending pen on.  I made use of this quality of the blending pen to create patterns in some of the areas. This is an interesting effect that would have been tedious to create with regular coloring methods. Depending on how light you want the pattern, you might have to repeat the pattern a couple times. I repeated 3 times for each pattern.

Demo of using Chameleon blending pen to create special pattern effect

Happy Color Art

These Chameleon pens have such vibrant colors and made my vision of this page comes to life. Just coloring this makes me happy. I think it would be wonderful to frame and hang it in a kid’s room.

I used Chameleon pens here and they are absolutely brilliant, however, you can use any marker/pens to create this abstract background. If you want to learn more about Chameleon pens, I had blog with a youtube video, click here.

I encourage you to try using this background technique to create an abstract, colorful fun piece.

Happy Coloring!

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