Reflections on the last day of 2017

Today is the last day of 2017, so here’s a bit of reflections for this past year. It’s been a little over a year since I started this blog site. I am happy that I launched this site as a platform for me to share my passion of coloring with you. For those who left me encouraging comments, thank you! My goal of blogging once a week (as mentioned in my “About me” page) turned out to be a bit overly ambitious as I juggled time among coloring, a full-time job, and other important commitments like playing with my dog Dexter and watching TV with my hubby. Nonetheless, I have to say 2017 was a happy year of coloring. In addition to a number of finished pieces that I might or might not have blogged about, I also designed 13 coloring cards (one for each month plus a special summer card which was my first ever published work in print) for the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine.

Coloring card by Betty Hung published in the summer 2017 issue of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine


Recent coloring projects

I would like to end the year by showing you a few other recent work that I haven’t had the time to blog about yet.

Mouse Guard by David Petersen, colored by Betty Hung -
Mouse Guard by David Petersen, colored by Betty Hung –

The Mouse Guard by David Petersen is an American bi-monthly comic book series. When I saw the coloring book, I know I must have it. This stained glass page is my favorite out of the book. My attempt in creating rays of light through the glass was a bit weak as in you can hardly tell. In any case, I had a lot of fun with this page.

Horse illustration by @rubycharmcolors, colored by Betty Hung
Horse illustration by @rubycharmcolors, colored by Betty Hung

This horse illustration is from one of my favorite artist, Susan Carlson (@rubycharmcolors). Her coloring pages and books can be found on Etsy under RubyCharmColors. I colored this with Chameleon colortones pencils.

Tropical World by Millie Marotta colored by Betty Hung
Tropical World by Millie Marotta colored by Betty Hung

This lovely bird is from the book Tropical World by one of my favorite artist Millie Marotta. I was experimenting with a set of Marco Raffine colored pencils. The colors are gorgeous but the pencils are quite a bit “harder” and although it layered well, it didn’t allow too many layers (2-3 max). I had to use my Sakura micron pen to help with creating more depth. I do love the more gentle delicate texture of the result.

Fairies in Dreamland by Denyse Klette colored by Betty Hung

Last but not least, I am glad how my golden fairy from turns out. This page is from Fairies in Dreamland by Denyse Klette. I colored this with Tombow dual brush pens with a bit of colored pencils highlights to add more depths.

To be done

I confess that collecting coloring books (and coloring pens/pencils) almost become as much an obsession as coloring. So here are some coloring books sitting on my shelf patiently waiting for me to color at least one page each in 2018.

Coloring books on my to do list for 2018 - Bicycle coloring book

Bicycle Coloring book – Journey to the edge of the world: I have seen beautiful works from other artists in this book. However, it looks like it is very challenging and intimidating! Hats off to everyone who did such a superb job especially those who shared their video on youtube! Some day I will gather up the courage to attempt this book 🙂

Coloring books on my 2018 to do list - Kristy's Summer cutting garden

Kristy’s Summer Cutting Garden – this is my first watercolor coloring book. One which you really don’t need to worry about paper warping or bleed through. The flowers are pretty.

Coloring books on my 2018 to do list - Floribunda

Floribunda by Leila Duly – No doubt the prettiest flower illustrations in a coloring book in my opinion. So much details. I just love to flip through and look at the drawings.

Coloring books on my 2018 to do list - Menuet de bonheur

Coloring books on my 2018 to do list - Rhasody in the forest

Menuet de bonheur & Rhapsody in the forest by Kanoko Egusa – it was not easy to get my hands on these books since they were not available on Amazon. My sister-in-law happened to see them in a bookstore in Taiwan and mailed it over. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.

Happy 2018

Here’s to a Happy New Year with more time for coloring!








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