Remembrance Day – watercolor poppies greeting card

Today is Remembrance Day, this watercolor painting of poppies is my expression of the gratitude I feel for all those who sacrificed their life for our freedom. We should remember, not only today but forever. The world is in great turmoil right now, I pray sincerely for peace.

Watercolor poppies by Betty Hung - close up #2

Watercolor Poppies by Betty Hung - close up #1

Convert art work into greeting card

It is very easy to convert your own art work into greeting cards:

  • Take a photo of your art work.
  • Transfer it to your computer. Open the file and scale it to the size your want.
  • Print the resized image onto to card stock paper.
  • Cut the print out to the size you want.
  • Create your greeting card.

In the example below, I pasted my image onto a piece of white card stock that is bigger in size than the art work, embossed the edge and then paste it on a piece of black card stock. Here is where you can use your creativity, the possibilities are endless.


Watercolor poppies greeting card by Betty Hung

Hope you enjoy my watercolor painting and try making greeting cards using your own coloring art work.

Happy coloring!

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  1. I wish I had your Watercolour skills! Beautiful!

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